Datini Magazine

This new service (the blog DATINI Magazine) is structured around four main sources of information:

a) NOTES (information on conferences, exhibitions and similar initiatives, presentation of current research, recently published works, individual undertakings, etc.)

b) INTERVIEWS (short interviews with academics on topics related to historiographical issues – relationships between economic history and the modern world and economic history and other disciplines, issues to be discussed in Study Weeks, etc.)

c) CALLS & POSITIONS (information on calls for papers, scholarships, etc.)

Anyone can contribute or send materials in any of the Institute’s five official languages (English, Italian, French, German and Spanish).

The purpose of the blog is to provide suggestions for reading and opportunities for anyone interested in economic and social history to find out what’s happening in the world of research beyond their own limited personal interests, information on courses and new opportunities at international research centres. In short, an opportunity to exchange information and experiences that has traditionally been the reserve of conferences, and which new technology has now enabled us to migrate to other spheres of activity that operate on a continuous basis throughout the year.

In order for the blog to be fully effective, it requires participation by all academics and young scholars who have dealings with the Institute; we depend on academics to notify younger researchers, publishers and other research institutions they may be in contact with about the initiative, and invite them to provide us with early notification of anything that might enhance the Magazine, and also to take part in debates by submitting their historiographical thoughts and comments.

Hoping that the initiative is successful, we thank you in advance for your cooperation.