Datini/ESTER Seminar – Participants 3

unnamedÉric Hupin

Université de Montréal


Crusades and money are rarely associated, but the sinews of war should never be neglected for these expeditions. As, great silver deposits, discovered in the mid-12th Century, irrigated Western Europe’s economy, this huge precious metals influx monetised exchanges and stimulated trade, its widespread effect being felt on prices, wages and revenues. The current research attempts to quantify this phenomenon and determine its impact on warfare and crusade management.



Anne Kucab

Paris Sorbonne University

“Prices and standards of living in Rouen (15th century)”

The topic of my Ph.D dissertation concerns the consumption and the standards of living in Rouen during the second part of fifteenth century. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the society of Rouen through an analysis of the standards of living in the city. An important part of my research concerns the study of prices, consumption and spending power.


WP_20160606_12_45_37_Pro (3).jpg

Cheng Yang

Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structures

Faculty of History

University of Cambridge


“Long Run Regional Standard of Living, Food Price and Population Density in Late Imperial China 1776-1910”
Cheng completed his MPhil in economic and social history between 2014 and 2015. He is now a PhD student supervised by Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Dr. Hans Van de Ven and Dr. Tony Wrigley. He is also a member of Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure. Trained as a cultural heritage conservationist and preservation architect, he was drawn to the debate on Great Divergence and the study of industrial revolution. His main interest is the investigation into the economic development in 18th -19th centuries China from the perspective of living standard and occupation structure based on gazetteer books and criminal records. Among the many kings and queens he once served to conserve their afterlife living room (tombs), Nefertari at Valley of the Queens, Luxor, Egypt is his favourite.

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